7 Facts no one tells you about Caesarean Birth

In the current ERA, caesarean birth is quite common. some may be due to pregnancy and birth complication, some opted to give birth through caesarean. 

Caesarean delivery is a process of surgery and anesthesia is administered, there are some facts and disadvantages as compared to vaginal delivery:

1. As baby is not squeeze through the birth canal, it reduces the reabsorption of fluid in the infant's lungs which may weaken the baby's immune system

2. Caesarean delivery is considered a higher risk birth-option as there is a higher risk of placenta being attached to the uterus which may lead to complication 

3. Caesarean birth takes longer time to recover and heal

4. The process weaken the uterus and may post a higher risk of internal abdominal organs injuries/ infections/ complications as compared to vaginal birth 

5. You should experience passing of gas within the first 24 hours after delivery. You should rest in bed for the first 24 hours.

6. Drink more water the the removal of IV drip. Frequent urination reduces urinary infection's risk.

7. Use a postnatal belly belt/ wrap to avoid womb getting prolapsed. Start your confinement diet with soft meal to ease digestion.

While confinement is often practiced for 28 - 30 days, for caesarean mother, it is recommended that she practice 40 days of confinement to further rejuvenate body. 

Due to the anesthesia administered, there may be side effect like constipation, sleep disorder or poor appetite.  New mothers can take red dates tea with "Qi booster" like Dang Shen 党参 & Bei Qi 北芪 1 month before delivery (once 1-2 days) to promote healthy blood circulation which helps to reduce the side effects.

Su He Wan 苏合丸 supplement is recommended for caesarean mothers as it helps to relief bloated stomach and excessive gas in the body. It also promotes healthy blood circulation for better appetite and digestion. 

Here is some of the recommended products for Caesarean mothers: