How to manage confinement on your own?

Mummy Charlene shared on how she managed her Confinement. Here are some of her tips! 


"With the arrival of Mini misschewy, I went through confinement once again. At the end of my confinement period, the hubs and I agreed that having a confinement nanny this time round felt more like a luxury, probably due to the fact that we are no longer first-time parents. If we were ever to have a third child (hehehe), we are pretty confident that we can actually go for DIY confinement because there is Mummamia Confinement which has been around for a few years now! Mummamia Confinement aims to provide hassle-free confinement through all products and services to new mummies who are busy and lack the appropriate knowledge on how to confine traditionally. With references from 皇帝内经 and TCM Physician advisors, all products and services by Mummamia Confinement are designed to help mummies recuperate, strengthen, support breastfeeding, and also promote healthy body and diet care..... 

......Preparation of the confinement herbs is hassle-free. Meat is optional but I prefer to add meat for taste. All the different soups tasted bitter of course, but were full-bodied. I like the fact that instead of having to get my own herbs from Chinese medicinal halls, everything is packed nicely and all I need to do is simply tear open the packet and pour the contents into the slow cooker. Very convenient!


It is recommended that mothers consume red dates during their confinement to avoid excessive water retention or getting “cold” during this period. Red Dates are rich in Iron and Vitamin C. Every pack of Mummamia’s Pre-packed Red Dates Tea consists of Red Dates, Black Dates, Dang Shen, etc. For a day’s worth of red date tea, I just need to boil one packet with about 1.5 to 2 litres of water every morning. I drank this every single day of my confinement and did not touch even a sip of plain water!