Mummy Cindy recounts on her Postpartum Recovery

The confinement period is a time where new mums recover and rebuild their health after delivery.

While there have been several old wives’ tales or traditional stories and myths that surround confinement practices, one key point which I strongly believe in is taking care of one’s health to nourish the post-pregnancy body.

Herbs, along with healthy meals packed with proper nutrition, can help new mums nurture and boost their health.

Personally, I subscribe to eating well and by that I mean balanced meals and nutritious options where possible, even before pregnancy. Of course, I do give in to my fast food cravings too, but I try to keep that at bay :P

Since this was my second confinement, I pretty much knew what to expect of the food and diet that I’ll be on for the next 28 days (or in my case, I did it for 40 days). But this time round, since the delivery put a slight dent to my body which got me really worried, and the fact that my body constitution ain’t all that great to begin with, I knew I had to eat well to heal and recuperate faster.