Postpartum Hairloss? Some tips for healthy hair

Many new mothers will experience noticeable hair loss 4 to 6 months post childbirth. This is due to huge hormonal changes during this period as well as tremendous body changes during pregnancy and postpartum. 

While taking herbal supplements may help some conditions, proper hair care is essential to prevent the hair from deteriorating further.

Here are some tips to prevent further damage:

1. Shampoo

It is advisable to lather up your shampoo between your palms before applying it onto the hair. Do not apply shampoo directly onto the hair as this will cause hair and scalp damage. Also, use fingertips instead of nails to massage the scalp while shampooing.

2. Hair Drying 

we should towel-dry any excess water from our hair to not only save on electricity, but also to prevent hair damage. It is advisable to keep the dryer at a distance of 20cm from the hair while switching between hot & cold air. This can prevent any hair damage caused by heat.

3. Food 

Sweet foods will result in excessive acids during the metabolism process, obstructing hair growth. For healthy hair, we should consume foods that are rich in protein such as soybean, milk, eggs and lots of fruits.

4. Hair changes/ Greying hair

As we age, we start to realize and notice our hair turning grey. However, some experience premature greying of hair even before their time. This can be due to an unclean scalp and an unbalanced diet, lacking in Vitamin B, Iron, Copper and Iodine.

5. Rest

Sufficient rest is essential aspect of overall wellness. New mother should rest whenever possible, seek for help and assistance from family members. 

Lastly, should you discover an unusual hairloss or any concern, you should seek professional advice from hair consultant or Doctor/ TCM Physician for appropriate care. 

Source: Beijing101