All-in-one Confinement Package
Confinement Herbal Soup
Confinement Herbal Tea
Confinement Herbal Bath
Su Hup Yuen (Su Ho Pill)
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All-in-one Confinement Package

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All In One Confinement Package

  1. Confinement Herbal Soup for 28 days
  2. Confinement Herbal Tea for 28 days
  3. Confinement Herbal Bath for 28 days
  4. Zhui Feng Su Ho Pill (3 boxes)


All In One Confinement Package

Complete confinement sets that offers simplicity and exclusive recovery through herbs, mummies are now better 'equipped' for their confinement.

1. Confinement Herbal Soup (28 days)

Professionally prescribed by TCM Physician, pre-packed herbs focus on 5 main confinement recovery stages, namely: Expel, Remove, Rejuvenate, Recuperate, Tonify.

The soup includes benefits of: Nourish “Qi” & Tonify Yin, Strengthening Spleen & Kidney, Boosting Milk Supply and dissipate stasis, Rejuvenate “Qi” & Blood and Invigorate kidney and Reduce Water Retention 

Packing Size: 28 packs per box, each pack per day, sufficient for 2 servings

Serving Suggestions:
·           1 Pack of Confinement herbs
·           Water: 1.5 to 2 liters
·           Meat/ Vegetarian Meat (optional)

Cooking Suggestion:

  1. Prepare meat (optional) by rinsing and blanching in a pot of hot water.
  2. Wash all the herbs. Pour all the ingredients into water and bring to boil.
  3. Continue boiling for 10-15 mins, then simmer (under slow fire) for another 1.5 to 2 hours.
  4. Add wine or salt (optional). Serve it while hot. Store it in cool and dry place.

NOTE: Once open, please keep it refrigerated and discard after 1 year or before expiry date stated.

Recommended Consumption: Cook according to the sequence of number, herbs pack (1) for day 1, followed by herbs pack (2) for day 2. Continue the sequence there-on. Every Pack is for 2 servings. Postpartum Women are advised to consume the soup warm for lunch and dinner.

2. Confinement Herbal Tea 28 days

Traditionally, it is always recommended that Mummies consume red dates tea during their confinement. This is to avoid excessive water retention or getting "cold" during the period. Red Dates, well-known KING OF NUTS, are rich in Iron and Vitamin C. Every pack consists Red Dates, Black Dates, Dang Shen, etc

Packing size: 28 packets/ per box

Dosage:1-2 packets per day

3. Confinement Herbal Bath 2 boxes

After childbirth, women are physically weak, low immunity, therefore could easily catch cold, and infected with bacteria. It is also not advisable to tie/ bun up the hair if it is still wet, do not go to bed when hair is still wet. It is also advisable not to take bath when hungry or immediately after meal.

Confinement Herbal Bath mainly helps mother to expel wind, improve blood circulation and reduce after birth pain. It makes mother feels more comfortable after bath.

Each Box Packing Size: 14’s 


Put a packet of herbal bath sachet into 1 litre of boiling water; allow it to soak for 3-5 mins. Thereafter, add in suitable amount of lukewarm water to neutralize the water temperature. Add white rice wine (optional) and stir well before using it for bathing.

Note: If you are using water heater, please soak the herbal bath sachet with hottest temperature of water heater. Allow it to soak for 10-15 mins before use.

4. Zhui Feng Su Ho Pill 苏合丸 3 boxes

Indication : Useful for Mummies during confinement to expel wind, consumed half an hour before meal for better appetite. Traditionally used for symptomatic relief of stomach-ache, headache, mild vomiting, cough, cold and expel wind. Available in big pill/ small pills.

Packing : 2 pills x 5's

Recommended 1-2 pills per day