Ban Kah Chai Mom Confinement Herbal Bath

Ban Kah Chai Mom Confinement Herbal Bath

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Ban Kah Chai Mom Confinement Herbal Bath 万家济妈妈沐浴药材


Confinement Herbal Bath (Mom Series) 妈妈沐浴药材

After childbirth, women are physically weak, low immunity, therefore could easily catch cold, and infected with bacteria. It is also not advisable to tie/ pleat the hair if it is still wet, do not go to bed when hair is still wet. It is also advisable not to take bath when hungry or immediately after meal.

Ban Kah Chai Mom Series Confinement Herbal Bath mainly helps mother to expel wind, improve blood circulation and reduce after birth pain. It makes mother feels more comfortable after bath.

Main Ingredients:
- Man Jin Zi - warming "meridian" and dispelling cold
- Balsamiferou Blumea Herb (Da Feng Ai) - Dispelling cold, regulates "meridian", stops bleeding and relieves pain
- Lemongrass - Dispelling wind, reducing oedema

Packing Size: 4’s per box


Put a packet of herbal bath sachet into 1 litre of boiling water; allow it to soak for 3 mins. Thereafter, add in suitable amount of warm water and some white rice wine. Stir well then use it for bathing.

Note: If you are using water heater, please soak the herbal bath sachet with hottest temperature of water heater. Allow it to soak for 10-15 mins before use.